Siargao in a Heartbeat

They say, “third time’s a charm”. But in my case, my third time in Siargao did not really justify my deep love for the island. It wasn’t close to a perfect getaway too as the weather was not in our favor plus an airport fiasco happened. I still cherish the experience anyway, no matter the circumstance.


Last August, I went back to my favorite island. It’s my fourth time and this time, I went with my college barkada, Timi. It was her birthday trip and her first time to travel for leisure. I was excited for her.

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We did the usual things any first-timer would do visiting the island except island hopping. We chose to visit Sugba Lagoon and chill at Pacifico beach instead. We did not have much time since we prefer a more “chill” itinerary rather than a packed and tiring one.

We stayed in a payag by Jacking Horse trail. If you’ve been to the island, you’ll know it’s just a walking distance from Cloud 9’s boardwalk. It was a cheap accommodation but it served its purpose well. Our place was huge for both of us. I liked that it was just by the beach and you can clearly hear the waves kissing the shore (my kind of music).



What I loved most about this trip was being able to surf every day. I really appreciate my friend for not being the needy type of travel buddy. I did what I wanted to do without having to worry about her – #strongindependentwoman.

Although our trip was quite short, I loved every minute of it.

IAO - 18

By this time you’re reading this post, I have probably just returned from another visit to this island. You see, that’s why I call it my favorite. Just one invite, no questions asked and I’ll book that ticket. Siargao has been my go-to place. It really caught my heart. And if you want to know why, go see for yourself (or scroll through my photos? Hee).

I made this post to update you with my whereabouts and also because I’m hoping that someone is still reading my content. Haha!

payag [pa.yag.] : cottage (n.); hovel (n.); hut (n.); shed (n.)

What’s new in Siargao:

  • Hangover’s makeover to a new snack bar
  • Cantina Luna (near Loose Keys)
  • Asparas Tribe
  • Sirena Spa
  • Lotus Shores Yoga and Surf Retreat

P.S. I’ll update this list soon. I just got back from the isla (again)!




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  1. kayelyn says:

    would love to visit here soon!

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  2. slurpandtalk says:

    Very nice! I enjoyed my recent Siargao trip too. Check out my blog to know more about the best food finds and island hopping stops in Siargao 🙂


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