Siargao in a Heartbeat

They say, “third time’s a charm”. But in my case, my third time in Siargao did not really justify my deep love for the island. I still cherish the experience anyway, no matter the circumstance.

Aguinid Falls: Simple Guide for Weekend Warriors

Aguinid has been on my go-to list for soooo long and last weekend we finally had the time to visit the “Natural Wonder” in Samboan – Aguinid Falls. Aguinid may not be as famous as Kawasan Falls in Badian where visitors can do cliff jumping and canyoning but it is beautiful on its own and is equally captivating as Kawasan.

Travel Diary: Turning the Negative to Positive

Last February, I went back to one of my favorite islands in the Philippines – Siargao. It has changed in so many ways since the first time I have set foot on the island. I still have that great amount of love towards it but it’s really getting tighter as days go by.

Best of Cebu!

I find this ‘topic’ subjective that’s why it took me so long to decide whether I’m going to write about it or not. By now, a lot of people have been sharing their experiences in Cebu. As what most travel blogs say “Do as the locals do”. So I’ll try my very best to help you plan your next Cebu trip by listing stops and places that you MUST check out.

What’s New [in] Siargao?

I’ve seen several new spots during my recent visit to Siargao. It was impossible to try all of them but I gave it a shot somehow. I was really thinking how to share with you our day-to-day itinerary, not that I made one, but just to give you an idea of how you can spend…

DIY Trips: Siargao, The Second Time Around

They say, “Love is sweeter the second time around”. I don’t really know why I’ve thought about that. All I know is I’ve fallen more in love with this little island called Siargao. Cheesy (or Corny)… It’s my second visit to this paradise and it still amazes me despite the many “talks” about its changes…

DIY Trips: Kalanggaman Via Ormoc

About a year ago, I already shared with you my trip to Leyte with some of my friends. I had the time to update that very article and decided to make a separate write-up about Kalanggaman Island. This might be one of the usual how-to-go-to-Kalanggaman posts, but I’ll try my best to make it unique…

DIY Trips: Smiles and Masskaras

As many of you know, Masskara Festival in Bacolod happens every October of the year. And I admit I’m one lazy person for writing about this six months late. Well you can also see it as six months advance. To give you a background, the MassKara Festival is a popular celebration that traces its beginnings…

DIY Trips: Palawan, A Family Affair 

This is a very delayed post, I tell you, but I just have to share this trip with all of you. Last November, I had the chance to organize a mini-getaway for my family. My mother keeps on telling me to plan on a trip since we barely went out to travel for the past…

DIY Trips: Lazy-ing in Leyte

SEVEN OF TWELVE: This trip is still actually “six of twelve” because this happened last June. But I already had my 6th trip to Siargao, hence “seven of twelve”. —   Almost everything was impromptu – no concrete plans in place. I wasn’t even sure if the trip will push through. One, we had jobs….

DIY Trips: First Siargao Waves

SIX OF TWELVE: This trip has a fascinating story. After I went to Surigao last year with some of my childhood friends, I found myself a travel buddy. Mae and I started as acquaintances and turned out to be good friends. After our Surigao trip, we had this urge to go on another trip. We…